There is so much this season from the Infinix smartphone basket. As usual, a lot of good things are up for grabs, and there are many options of which am sure you will be lost of choices. Those who own Infinix phones will tell you for sure that they will either pick an Infinix phone or an Cubot phone. There is, therefore, no other option in this case because once you have this smartphone; you become a loyalist to it without any question.

There is also another group of people; this is the group that is entirely obsessed with what is new in town. Interestingly they will get another Infinix phone after another in the process of keeping in touch with technology. This is a group of interesting people as they know the A-Z of smartphones in Kenya and the world. I always see them as an interesting lot because they keep their peers updated to make sure that they don’t get phones that will frustrate them.  This category of people has very few and most of the times young students obsessed about technology. There is another group that is not aware of developments in the smartphone technology; all they need is a touch screen phone that has a camera, the internet and the basics. The subject of OS, battery capacity, etc. is Greek to them. This is the group that I want to enlighten about the Infinix smartphone and what it can do for them. Let us take a look at some of the available Infinix phones around.

List of Infinix phones in Kenya

  • Infinix Alpha Marvel X502
  • Infinix Zero X506
  • Infinix Alpha X570
  • Infinix Hot X507
  • Infinix Race Jet X505

Infinix Alpha Marvel X502

This is the Infinix smartphone that made its official entry into Kenya introducing this brand to the Kenyan market. It was received with much anticipation by the people probably because of its functionalities and the fair price that it came with which was much lower that that of its competitors. Some of the features of this smartphone that made people fall in love with it are quite many. It runs on a much older Android OS which is the jelly bean; this does not disqualify this phone because it has some cool features that overshadow that fact. The camera is 13MP rear and a 5MP front camera that will give you the best photos at any time. It comes with a 1GB RAM for the efficient speed that you need in your phone. The internal memory is 16GB, which will store all your data without you having the need to get an external memory card. Apart from the specs, something else that makes this smartphone tick are other abilities such as having a secondary mic that enhances the audibility of a call made in noisy places. Another cool thing about this phone is that it has an inbuilt proximity sensor that will prevent you from having unnecessary input when the phone is in your ear. This smartphone can be handled easily because of its 5-inch screen. The price is quite friendly.

Infinix Zero X506

This is the upgrade of the alpha marvel that comes with better things than its predecessor.  This smartphone will give you a screen that is scratch resistant giving your phone screen a brand new look each and every day. This is accredited to the fact that Infinix has used the Corning Gorilla to make a screen that is strong to serve you longer. It is a slim phone whose design will not disappoint you at any day. Nowadays no one needs a smartphone that that is bulky and has a dull design everyone wants something flashy.  It has an eight-core processor that ensures that you are updated with the latest app in town so that you don’t have to miss out anymore. The 1GB RAM that this phone comes with will not also disappoint you as it will ensure that it gives you the best speed for you to run all the apps on your phone. The storage is not as large as the alpha marvel Infinix because it has a capacity of 8GB. The best thing about this phone is probably because it runs on a 4.4.2 KitKat Android version that gives you a better experience. I would say that this smartphone will do you some good if you like to keep it simple.

Infinix Alpha X570

If you love watching movies and having fun with games, this Infinix smartphone will come in handy for you. It has a 5.7-inch screen that has an amazing display for a great viewer experience. The back of this phone is curved giving it a unique yet appealing style that is not found in most phones. It is something that is worth showing around to your friends. The camera boasts of a 12MP back and 5MP front camera, the technology used in this camera makes it possible for phones taken under low light intensity become clear. The front camera will also not disappoint your selfie venture as it gives images that are sharp and clear. Its storage is 16GB which is large enough than most phones around. It runs on the jelly bean Android platform and this is not as bad although for such a phone you expect an upgrade in the operating system. Just like the other Infinix phones, this is one of those that are quite affordable to most people.

Infinix Hot X507

Infinix Hot X507

The catchy thing about this smartphone is the color; it has colors that blend well with the young generation and the young at heart. This phone has a plastic body which makes it more attractive when you add this to the color that it has. It has a 5 inch display that will perfectly fit in pockets as well as in your hand. This smartphone gives the user less to worry about in terms of having a bulky phone that cannot even fit into your pocket. It has dual sim slots which I think is a good thing to users who have more than one simcard. This reduces the need to curry multiple phones to have places to keep your sim cards.  The RAM in 1GB and the internal storage is 16GB, which is perfect for your speed as well as storing data. I think its also a great phone to those that love keeping it simple.

Infinix Race Jet X505

Infinix Jet is as fast as its name suggests, it has a 4G network connectivity meaning that it will give you a super fast experience. When it comes to streaming of live videos, this is the smartphone that will not let you down. Making video calls, Skype, surfing will now be on a new level with this phone. With the speed, it has something more to it, style. It gives you color that is not boring and will light up your world anytime you are using the phone.  It comes in blue, white, black champagne color or red. It gives you a wide variety to choose from, and I believe that no one has been left out in terms of color. This smartphone provides 8MP rear and 5MP front camera with sensors that make it possible for photos to be taken under low light intensity. Something else to note about this brand of the Infinix phone is that its battery capacity is built to cope with all the activities that you will have to carry out with your phone. It has a capacity of 2020mAh which is better that the phones that are before this one. The Android platform that it runs on is the kitkat version which is a good thing for this phone to keep up with the recent apps that you may want to have. I think that they did not do justice to the internal storage of this phone because it has a storage of 8GB which is lower than the Infinix phones that had preceded this one. It is a good phone for people who love fast connectivity as the price is affordable to most people.


Belong to the future

Infinix smartphones have come with a bang to the Kenyan market and have been received well than other brands that have dared to do that. One thing to look out for is the constant upgrade of this smartphone, with a short span of time they have been able to introduce new brands that we can agree, have some improvements than the previous ones. I believe that if they were to work on the battery capacity or something like the camera they would get a great boost regarding their client base.

Declaim: The best thing is that the Infinix smartphones listed above are not the only ones in Kenya; there is more of great things in store for those who love updates on smartphones. There is still so much information on the Infinix phones all over the internet. You can never lack an answer from there. Mean while we keep on waiting for more surprises from the Infinix smartphones.