The Infinix Hot 3 was released in the first quarter of 2016 as the sequel to the Infinix Hot 2.  It has received a warm reception in the Kenyan market just like other Infinix devices. If you are looking for a smartphone with great functionalities at an affordable price, maybe you should consider the Infinix Hot 3. Infinix as a brand has become a force to reckon with because of its ability to produce smartphones with premium specifications at a highly affordable price. Infinix Hot 3 is no different.

From a mere look, you may not establish clearly the difference between Hot 3 and Hot 2. It is not a sophisticated smartphone but from your first contact with the phone, you will know that you are holding a masterpiece. Infinix Mobility has introduced several phones into the Kenyan market, but none has revolutionized the smartphone market like Infinix Zero 3, a status it holds to this day.  Has the Infinix Hot 3 raised the bar further?

Summary information:


  • IPS
  • Capacitive
  • Multi-touch
  • 5 inches

Operating system.

  • Android 5.1 Lollipop


  • 3 GHz quad-core.
  • Media Tek cortex


  • Primary: 8MP
  • Secondary: 2MP

Memory status:

  • Internal: 16GB
  • RAM: 1GB/2GB
  • SD card: 32GB


  • 2G
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi




The beauty of this phone is its elegant slim design. It does not look like any other Infinix device. It has curved edges that feel and fits well on the palm to ensure easy access to capacitive, volume and power buttons. The design and material makes it less bulky and it does not weigh much. It will slide into your pocket easily and maintain a good feeling while in the pocket. However, the capacitive buttons do not have a backlight which maybe hectic at night.  Among other noticeable features is its Mono speaker that goes beyond expectations to produce loud and quality sound especially when listening to music.

You get to enjoy high quality music with its 2nd generation music amplifier that uses RNS and noise cancellation technology to limit TDD noise. The playback quality is superior because of the sound-break technology to smooth out your music. From the outside, Infinix Hot 3 is appealing to the eye especially when you know its price. It exemplifies modernity right from its design to its specifications.


It has a 5.5 inch 720 HD screen that provides crystal clear images on a large display offered. It provides a different viewing experience when watching videos or playing games. It produces vibrant colors with enough pixels to create an amazing experience. Other smartphones on the same price range will disappoint when it comes to their displays, some display washed out colors. This is a thumb up for the Infinix Hot 3. The screen has a resolution of 720×1280 with a density of 267 PPI 16M color capability, you can enjoy those HD videos and experience the nitty gritty details of mobile phone games.

The screen is coupled with the Multi-Touch 5 which supports quick actions on the touchscreen to give you a responsive experience.



Infinix Hot 3 features a very powerful for its price. People are now recommending Infinix devices because of their camera quality. Both the primary and secondary cameras produce high quality videos and images. Front facing camera was designed with the needs and wants of the selfies enthusiasts at heart. You get to experience fun photography and have colorful selfies for your Instagram and Snapchat. The 2MP camera comes with instant/real time smart beautification. You don’t have to download filters to edit your selfies. It has a wide angle shooting range to give you more freedom to take any kind of selfies. Take selfies at night or in poor lighting with the selfies soft light. Have fun with this camera with its features such as voice recognition, timed capture, touch capture, gesture recognition and smile recognition.

The primary camera features 8MP camera with 5 lenses which equals to superior image quality. This camera has the OV8865 sensor and five- element lens that enhances the efficiency of light intake to produce superior quality picture quality. Infinix Mobility ensured compatibility with HDR when designing the Hot 3 to ensure high dynamic range that yields vivid and detailed photos. Just like the front facing camera, the back camera has a combination of 1.4µm large pixel and special night shooting mode that makes it easy to take high resolution images in poor lighting conditions. It also has other modes such as panoramic, scenic mode and free-range shooting.



Infinix Hot 3 comes with the 3G capabilities as we wait for the launch of the Infinix Hot 3 LTE that will feature 4G connectivity. With the Hot 3 you will experience fast internet browsing with speeds reaching pt to 5Mbps. It switches from 2G to 3G depending on the network coverage. Either way, with a 2G network you can enjoy light browsing with speeds ranging between 200Kbps to 250Kbps. With the Wi-Fi you can enjoy faster internet when on Wi-Fi zones. This phone is equipped with Bluetooth Version 4.1, MicroUSB v2.0 and A-GPS for location services.

1.3GHz processor

Hot 3 feature the MediaTek MT6580, 1.3GHz quad-core processor. The big and powerful quad-core processor ensures flawless experiences for the applications and easy multitasking. You don’t have to worry about the phone ‘hanging’ when using heavy applications or playing games. You will be able to multitask and use more than one application at the same time. With the Android OS, you can easily switch from one app to another without losing your data or closing the app.

Price review

The price of Infinix Hot 3 has reduced from its launch price because of the e-commerce platforms such as Kilimall. This trend has increased its affordability thus attracting the attention of the Kenyan market. The price ranges between 7500-8300 Kenyan shillings.

Other features.


3000mAh battery capacity.

The battery capacity for this phone is a big boost towards making this phone highly efficient. The battery will power this phone for a great deal of time and having it around will leave satisfied. You can enjoy all the services and maintain the battery for long. Even when involved for heavy services like browsing and calls, this phone can last for more than 15 hours. When in standby mode, this phone can last for more than 200 hours. It is therefore ready to serve you while you travel or as you attend to daily office duties. You do not have to carry the power bank or the charger all the time.


Other than the mobile networks and the Wi-Fi, this phone has more connectivity features that widens the number of features it has to offer you. It has a powerful Bluetooth that is useful for close range connections and used for transferring files from one phone to another. The phone has also a micro USB slot that is useful for connecting the phone to the computer for sharing files or network. The phone is compatible with the 3.5 mm jack that enables you to use common earphones or microphone.



This phones memory status includes 16GB internal memory which is expandable with a SD card of up to 32GB. It is topped by a 1GB RAM though some versions comes with 2GB RAM. This space is sufficient for all your applications, recordings, music, videos and so on. The phone too comes with a FM radio that is highly sensitive in receiving signals and one that allows you to record favorite radio programs.

This phone has amazing benefits compared to other phones. It is a gadget dedicated to give you just the best services. It even goes an extra mile of giving you better calling conditions which involves active noise cancellation on the mouth piece speaker. It also comes with important preloaded apps that offer you extensive services such as the dialer, messenger, play store and YouTube among others.