Back when I lived in Florida, hurricanes were a yearly concern. Now that I am in Texas, they don’t play such a prominent role but they are still something to think about. Hurricane is an app designed to try to take away some of that concern.

I have actually had this app for well over 4 months, but I wanted to wait till the middle of hurricane season so I could see it in action. And let me say, the app generally performs very well. The app starts off with a screen where you can select Atlantic or Pacific hurricanes, and then gives you a list of the active storms as well as completed storms. When you click on a storm, you can look at the radar loop, projected path, tracking map, satellite images, and bulletins. All of this allows you to try to keep on top of these potentially devastating storms.

In addition, you can look a historical storms (from last year going back to 1851) and specific data feeds (like satellite images) from a variety of sources. For people with little hurricane experience, you can also see how hurricanes are rated on the Saffir-Simpson scale. While it certainly isn’t necessary, it would be nice to have some sort of hurricane checklist included (what to do, or not do, when one hits, for example).

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t provide any customization options. You can specify your location and only look at storms that may hit you. You can’t mark a storm as a “favorite” to keep close tabs on it. You don’t get push notifications when a storm status changes (or a new alert is released). These are all kinds of features that would put this app into an elite category. In addition, there is no ability to sort or search the historical data. I can’t look for all historical Cat 5 storms that have him Florida, for example. If I am curious about how frequently a specific area has been hit, I can’t only include storm that hit Texas. The historical data is nice, but in the present form it is a little unwieldy unless you know exactly what you are looking for.


As hurricane tracking apps go, this is a nicely designed app, giving you a lot of the pertinent and critical information. If you live in a hurricane prone area, it could certainly be worth the $3.99 price. However, the app is missing some features that would move it into a premium app category (which, I should note, I haven’t seen in other hurricane apps as well).

Cydia Store has proved its utility during time with all those amazing tweaks and apps available for download. This platform encompasses millions of great tweaks, which are meant to make all iDevices powerful and stronger while enhancing their functionality. As a primordial condition to get access over this great platform of tweaks and apps is to jailbreak your iOS device. Fortunately, there are many jailbreak tools that can help you to perform this process.

Back to out things, I want to show you some important Cydia apps for iOS in 2012. Some of you might be familiar with these must have Cydia apps because some of them are only updated to be compatible with iOS 6. With the only desire of making you aware of some great Cydia tweaks for iOS 6, I will try to gather the most important ones in a Must Have Cydia Apps for iOS in 2012 list.
SBSettings1. The first Cydia tweak I want to mention here is the Winterboard. This already famous tweak gives us the possibility of changing themes, icons and backgrounds, as we want. Throughout Cydia store, you can find hundreds of impressive themes that can transform your dull device in something pretty interesting.

2. Secondly, the SBSettings is quite useful if you want make shortcuts for other apps and settings right in the Notification Center. For example, you can turn on/off Wi-Fi easily if you place this respective shortcut. The same thing goes with Bluetooth or the level of brightness.

3. The Activation is one of the must have Cydia apps for iOS 6 if you ask me. This simple but in the same time, amazing tweak allows you to assign various gestures in order to launch certain apps or to change settings. It is easier and more convenient for those of you who hate browsing throughout their devices for a particular feature.

4. Five Icon Dock has been around for so long but it is still useful especially for those of you who still do not own an iPhone 5 yet. This simple app will turn your Four Icon Dock in a Five Icon Dock. This means more room for you to place your favorite apps and tweaks for a quicker access and use.

5. In the last part, I want to mention one of the best iOS 6 apps in 2012 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The SwipeSelection tweak brings you new ways of editing, changing, copying and moving text from one way to another, while you move the cursor by swiping on the keyboard. I know that it will turn out to be quite useful for those of you who send larger mails or who read e-books.

If you want to have a stronger iPhone, iPad or iPod, you need to know where to look for the best Cydia apps for iOS 6. This short must have Cydia apps list for iOS 6 contains only several notable apps. The Cydia store is a platform with millions of tweaks waiting for you to download them.

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